Hashtag, F-bomb

#HelloOctober, as I sit here at the #Dinningroomtable, thinking about the #Shutdown and all those #Peoplewithnomoney cause #Aintnobodygotimeforthat. The #Peoplewithnomoney are going to become #Peopleofwalmart cause #peoplehavetimeforthat, #itssad that this #Awesomecountry is having  an #Innerstruggle and we have  #gottapushpastit.  We all need to come to a #Listenconcert and #Unite in #Onedirection. We can do this. With #Halloween just a few weeks away and #Zombiekilloftheweek is not the #GOP and #ObamaCare is not the #Greatpumpkin.  As a #United Country we need to #MakeDClisten as #onevoice. #RedYellowBlackorWhite we are #Allthesame in the #Good #Lords #Sight.

“What we’ve got here is…. failure to communicate” ~Cool Hand Luke.

As I pulled into a Dunkin Donut’s, last night, still struggling over the decision, of what type of coffee to buy, I wanted mint but what if mint wasn’t out yet? It’s only a seasonal coffee at the double DD and was it the season or did the season start after Halloween? I could always go with my standby- Hazelnut but it did not seem like a Hazelnut kind of night, plus my guardian angel that drives with me- was not helping me in my decision making. I pulled in, turned off the car and opened my door…

“Your a F-ing liar” a guy shouted towards me, while talking into an ear piece. I heard it again while I ordered my coffee and once more from another car’s radio. I am not not saying I am perfect, far from it.  Is the F-bomb becoming part of everyday language?

I remember when V.P. Biden said it to President Obama (which was suppose to be an off mic)  Well Biden was right and It still is a big deal. I do not mean Obama Care. I mean dropping the F- It brings out a lack of education, a lack of self control, a lack of, I am better then that  and you are and so am I cause God don’t make junk.  
My coffee is cold….
Peace, Joy and Love from my mug coffee mug to yours.



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