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Blessed, Gossip and Jesus Flavored

This is my second time writing this Posting…   With just a slip of a finger, a push of a button, an hour and a half of writing can be gone. At the ripe age of 17 C.S. Lewis took pen to his young hand and wrote these words, ” Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing; ink is the great cure for all human ills.”

With a fresh cup of coffee and a sink full of dishes to be washed, I’ll take my pen to paper…..

I have been truly blessed this morning, with a plate full of chocolate chip pancakes. Sharing and laughing with my Brother and nephew.  I can honestly say, that my life has been blessed.  I have always been blessed with a job, I have had the blessing to learn what it means to earn a paycheck, no matter how small or how big- I earned it. I have always been blessed to have a place I could hang my hat and call home, for a few days, months to even years and no matter how beautiful or nothing that a fresh can of paint could cure, I was blessed with a dwelling.  I have always been blessed to have a supportive and caring family. We might not have always agreed on things but in the end, they love me.  I have been blessed with a caring heart. A few have said, I am just naive, I lack the understanding and knowledge of the real world. I just laugh.  I know.  I know that God has blessed me with a good life. I know that most people are good, no matter how bad they might seem, no matter what they might have done or might do.. Deep inside God has blessed them with a good life.

Gossip is called gossip for a reason. How many times to you hear, “Hey want to hear something true?” or, “Hey want to hear some gossip?” I have been on both ends of the gossip circle and its never ending. When a restaurant offers a never ending, spaghetti and meatball special, all you can eat- sooner or later you get stuffed. You simply can not eat anymore. You have reached your limit. Your full. Gossip doesn’t work that way- it truly is never ending. 

I am taking a stand, I am no longer going to eat at the buffet of never ending gossip. I am going to try and stay away from its waiters and waitress, “Hey want to hear?” No! “Bobby, guess what xxx said, ” No! No! No! No! No! I am going to try and offer words of encouragement and positive – even it means walking or taking a bus far into the left field to find something to say.  Gossip kills. Encouragement brings life.

It is almost impossible to walk down any aisle in any grocery store and find something that is not bacon flavored; Bacon flavored mayonnaise, Bacon flavored Coffee, Bacon flavored Peanut butter, Bacon flavored Ice cream, Bacon flavored cream cheese, Bacon flavored Bacon.  It is almost as if the country has been consumed with Bacon mania.

What if the word Bacon was changed to Jesus? Jesus flavored Coffee, Jesus flavored ice cream, Jesus flavored mayonnaise. Would we still see the same mania? The same, “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon” or would we only see it on Sunday Mornings. I know I am not a scholar of the scripture, nor a doctor with a masters in theologists- but I know everything already has the Jesus flavor added. He made it. 

Everything we eat, has already been blessed by God, every vegetable, every fruit, every nut, every fish, every chicken, every pig, every turkey every…… has already been blessed by God. God well not allow his children to go hungry, God well not allow his children to wallow around in an empty stomach. God well supply more then enough food to feed all his children,

Man on the other hand, not so much…. Man well allow children to go to bed hungry, Man well allow food to be tossed out like yesterdays garbage that could feed, 100’s if not thousands of people. Man well…..

My coffee is cold,

Peace, Joy and love from my coffee mug to yours,






Peppermint Coffee, Sweeping and Words

With fall comes the changing of colors, from a summer green to a mixture of orange, red and yellow. Bodies that were painted bronzed from the summer sun are now covered with sweaters and jackets.  Endless days are hasten and baseballs and water fights have been replaced with footballs, tailgating and the endless countdown to Christmas morning.  As the weather grows colder and Jack Frost starts to make his appearance, the Coffee Pot becomes the star of the show.

I have been taking an unofficial poll, for the last 2 minutes to discover that Peppermint Coffee, is my coffee of choice during the dreary days and the “I got me a chill straight to me bones” type day.  I am sure that others might disagree but, this my blog. With my joy of Peppermint coffee comes many of fond memories. Not the actual drinking of coffee part. The only time I ever drank coffee when I was a kid, did not end well; cold coffee, a Denny’s breakfast and car sickness does not mix.  The fond memories I am talking about, are the simple things one does, that brings such joy and love to your heart and in doing so it  unlocks, a spirit in your life to spread peace, joy and love to everyone.  And wow! all that comes from a cup of

Sweeping of the floor.  Is an easy task. A simple task. One that takes little or no effort at all.  With my yellow broom in hand, which comes with a hand grip, I start to effortlessly sweep the kitchen, living room or dinning room floor.  Only to leave a pile in each room. I do manage to sweep the entire room but, it seems getting the freshly swept dirt off the floor and into the trash pin is a major undertaking on my part.  It is as if I don’t want to let the garbage go- Its mine. It belongs to the house, I can’t let it go. 

I was half listening to Chris Tomlin sing, Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) as I was sweeping the living room floor this morning.  My thoughts started to think about Jacob Marley, and for those who do not know who Jacob Marley is.  He was Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner and was also the first ghost to appear to Ebenezer covered in chains and of course he did have a slight septic tank smell to him, (The septic tank smell was edited out of the book to make the book appear more PC) As I sat listening to Chris Tomlin sing the song, I looked at the little mounds of dirt I swept up in the living room, kitchen and the dinning room. And I thought about my own chains, my own dirt and garbage.  No matter how hard I try I can’t sweep it away, I can’t undo the chains- Only Jesus can.

This brings me to why I have started to write this Journal, Why I am bringing words to my thoughts and feelings. Why? I am sure I have made grammar mistakes. It might not flow right, my meaning might even get lost in unnecessary words, and the list could go on and on…. I talk-write, I write like I talk.

Well my coffee is cold…

Peace, Joy and love from my coffee mug to yours.